Jonathan and I are giving you our best Zoolander face while showing you some seriously good looking Spring/Summer shoes.



We recently teamed up with shoe gods, ZU Shoes to produce their Spring Racing campaign. I styled the shoot, Jonathan photographed it and as you can see, we both modeled in it too!

It hit all ZU Shoes stores this week, which is super exciting. I always have so much fun creating great things with Jonathan.

Big thank you to the Zu Team for being ace, and to all the brand I styled back with the shoes!!

You can read my interview with Zu on their site, here!


What we are wearing throughout the campaign

Some fabulous Australian designer

Outfit 1: Daniel Avakian Dress & Zu Heels

Outfit 2: Lilya Dress, Zu Flats | Neuw Short, Roger David Shirt, Zu Shoes

Outfit 3: Daniel Avakian Suit, Zu Shoes

Outfit 4: Isla by Talulah Playsuit, Zu Shoes

Outfit 5: General Pants Chinos, Shoreditch Jacket, Zu Shoes

Outfit 6: Three Of Something Dress, Zu Clutch, Zu Shoes

Outfit 7: Ruby Sees All Jumpsuit, Zu Shoes | Shoreditch Suit, Zu Shoes

Outfit 8: Isla By Talulah Dress, Zu Shoes

Outfit 9: Limedrop Dress, Zu Shoes



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