There is so much truth behind “You are what you eat”, and if you are wanting to benefit your overall health, keep on reading as I am going to run you through some foods you should eat, and some you should avoid.

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As a child I was repeatedly told to “eat my vegetables”, “eat my fruit” and because of this my parents have instilled great eating habits in me. Around my teenage years (Read: When I had terrible skin) I started to look into ways of eating and types of food that I thought played a large role in the huge pimples which had decided to take over my face. You see, good nutrition doesn’t just make you healthy on the inside, it can affect how you look on the outside as well.

I am going to start with the baddies – before I get to their yummy, nutritious counterparts.


Foods to avoid

1. Trans-fats: Tran-fats may contribute to inflammation in your body, which may lead to heart disease. So be sure to use moderation when indulging in those fried fast foods, butters, cakes etc.
2. Saturated Fats: These are found in animal-based foods – fatty meats, butter, cheese, whole milk, ice cream, and cream. You should endeavor to cut down on your consumption of these. Everything in moderation is key.
3. Excess Salt: A high sodium diet can lead to fluid retention – which is linked to higher blood pressure which, in turn, increases risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.
4. Excess Sugar: Many studies show sugar can have devastating effects on metabolism. It is also linked to many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. That reminds me, I really need to write my review on Sugar Man!
5. Processed Foods: Processed foods are high in sugar and salt, both of which can have serious adverse effects on metabolism when consumed in excess. They’re very low in nutrition, thus, they’re just empty calories.
6. Alcohol: Too much alcohol has a really bad effect on your insides and also your outsides so try to cut down your consumption.

Nutritious foods you should be eating

1. Foods containing Vitamin A and Vitamin C: Vitamins A and C are what you need for glowing, healthy skin! You can find them in dark leafy greens, like spinach. Orange vegetables, like carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are also packed with these vitamins.
2. Omega 3 Acids: Omega 3 is a good fat! Yep, there is such a thing. It’s found in fatty fish like Salmon and also walnuts and canola, soybean, olive, and flaxseed oils.
3. Protein rich foods: Legumes, leafy greens, red meats – all protein rich. Our body needs the amino acids found in proteins to help repair cells and make new ones – make sure you are consuming enough, especially if you’re working out!
4. Carbs in moderation for energy: Think fruit, veggies, cereal and some breads to help feed your brain
5. Iron rich foods: To help prevent fatigue or anemia you need to be consuming iron. Look for iron in foods like red meat, legumes, beans and dark green leafy vegetables.


In addition to consuming fresh, delicious food I also suggest food supplements and Superfood powders. They’re great for when you’re travelling or on the go as they are so easy to add to your smoothies, juices, yoghurt, water or milk of a morning or afternoon. A lot of the green superfoods are bursting with goodness – containing things like vitamins A, C, and K, fibre, protein, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Never just consume these on their own thinking it can replace your usual well balanced diet.


I really like the Nature’s Way and Swisse range as it’s well priced and readily available at Priceline Pharmacy.


My favourites

1.Natures Way Super Greens: It contains essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, probiotics, nutrient herbs and protein. I add this to Greek yogurt as a mid morning snack.
2. Acai Super: Super Acai is perfect for those wanting to: boost immunity, fight the ageing process and increase daily nutrient intake easily.
3. Swisse Red Beet: This superfood powder is a source of folate to help combat exhaustion, reduce fatigue and assist healthy immune function. It also helps maintain electrolyte balance, which is great for exercising and dehydration.
4. Swisse Chia Seeds: A great source of Omega 3 Acids (what I was speaking about above).



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