Finally a Thailand post where I am wearing clothes, though to my Dad that’s probably a debatable subject. *cue bad Dad jokes about being torn into shreds by some kind of vicious animal*


I am not the greatest at packing for holidays at the best of times, so you can imagine the predicament I was in when I had to pack for my first international adventure. I didn’t know what I would need and I certainly didn’t know how many outfits I needed to take. Keep in mind we were only gone five days, so a normal person would say “Ally, you need five outfits”. So I went with what was suggested to me (5 Outfits) and as I suspected I got to Thailand and everything was completely wrong in my luggage. My ratio for tops Vs bottoms was completely mismatched, which lead to me wearing these trusty One Teaspoon numbers paired back with everything. I figured what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand and I need not worry.

Please note: Contrary to most fashion blogger’s beliefs if you wear the same item more than one day in a row you don’t die.

Do you have any packing tips you’d like to share? All suggestions welcome!



One Teaspoon Shorts, Wish Top, Windsor Smith Shoes



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