As the temperatures drop and we don’t feel as thirsty it’s easy to forget to drink those 8+ glasses of water a day, but, can you get dehydrated in cold weather?




It’s a common misconception that dehydration occurs only in hot weather. Dehydration doesn’t disfavor the cooler months, in fact, your body actually works harder in the cold, because it has to humidify the air and warm it up. The harder your body works, the more you need to drink, so staying hydrated should be a year-round goal.

I suffer from pretty horrible migraines and one of the causes, among many, is dehydration. If I don’t drink enough water throughout the week, I can almost guarantee that I will get a migraine the following week. It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s so easy to forget to drink throughout the day, and I hate the build up of plastic bottles, so much so, I refuse to buy them now. I recently bought the BRITA fill&go Vital bottle because it’s the perfect size for my handbag, as well as being big enough to hold enough water at one time. I just fill it up when it’s empty with tap water and let the replaceable filter disc inside remove chlorine and other nasties. It is also and cost-saving alternative, not to mention 1000% better for the environment not to be buying bottled water every week.

For me, because I am often on the go at meetings and events, I need something practical so I don’t look like a crazy person who is carrying around a water tank. I also need something that doesn’t weigh my bag down – I already carry too much #girlproblems. I like the size of this bottle, and I aim to refill about four times a day.

So we know the benefits of staying hydrated but how do we prevent unhealthy habits from creeping back up? Here are some of my tips for staying hydrated in colder months and keeping your body moving and looking its best.






Mark off on a notepad or in an app. I use Todoist ( yes, the same app I’ve been raving about the last month or so haha). I just create a category called “water” and set four reminders. I actually really need this reminder and it’s so important for my head otherwise I am bedridden for days at a time with migraines.


I prefer room temperature water. I know I am weird. My Dad does too, so maybe it’s hereditary? Room temp water is better at keeping your internal temperature optimal, so it’s better for cold temperatures, especially when working out in cooler temperatures.

Plus, who wants to drink ice-cold water in Winter anyway!


As well as drinking enough throughout the day, make sure you’re eating healthy foods. Fruit and vegetable are also an excellent source of water and will help keep you healthy during winter!


This goes hand in hand with the above tips! Make sure you staying active in the cooler months as well. I know it’s tough to find the motivation, but sweating it out is the ultimate reminder to re-hydrate because our body craves hydration after exercise. I’ll be publishing an article soon on some Winter workout tips, so stay tuned!

Shot by Jonathan Hayward and Ally Hayward in collaboration with BRITA.

Author: Ally Carey

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