The thought of exercising when on holidays probably has your eyes rolling. I find at this time of year the most common question is: “should I take a break from working out while I am on holiday and is it bad for me?”.


This depends on what you define as a break. If you mean sitting around and doing no form of exercise in the time you have off then yes, it is bad for you. Your body will stagnate, leaving your metabolism will slow down and your muscles will begin to get out of shape, even if your holiday is no more than just a week.

If you feel like you need a short break from working out, don’t give up on it completely, try to change what you do for the couple of weeks. Trade the gym for outdoor activities, trade strength training for cardio, go to the beach and try some outdoor yoga…This way you’ll let the muscles rest a little, but you will still keep the body active.

I know it’s hard to keep a good fitness routine while traveling. The constant change in environment means it’s never as good as when I’m home.



Here are 7 things I’ve been doing to keep me active while I travel to ensure :

  • I try to be mindful, and not overeat: I love to indulge on holidays, but I just make sure I don’t overeat. I watch my portion sizes so I can eat all the yummy food I want.
  • Walk everywhere: Instead of driving to places, walk where possible! We just did the walk to the top of Mt Kosciusko, which was amazing.
  • Hire bikes: Another great idea is hiring bike instead of driving. This way you get to stop more, it’s a great all over body workout and it’s better for the environment.
  • Simplify a workout so you can do it in your hotel room: Don’t over complicate things or you’ll mentally check out. See point 6!
  • Pack equipment: Obviously you can’t pack heavy equipment like kettlebells, but there’s plenty of light equipment you can bring with you – skipping rope and resistance bands are great for traveling.
  • Workout with simple bodyweight exercises: Just wake up a half hour before you need to and complete a few circuits. Lunges, burpees, squats and planks is all you have to do! If you complete around 30-60 seconds of each and repeat two or three times, you’ll be good to go!
  • Gym: If a place has a free gym, use it! Get up slightly earlier and pump out a quick 20 minute training session.




The Upside Sports bra, Onzie Moto Pants, Varley Top, Nike Sneakers


We shot this in the Thredbo Gym / Leisure Centre – stay tuned for my wrap up post of our holiday in Thredbo! You can stay up to date daily on Instagram too – @substance_blog


JD Hayward


Have a great break everyone!


Author: Ally Carey

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