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Don’t panic, I am back! Sorry for the lack of posts last week. It was a chaotic week, to say the least.

I thought I would share my “work life” to give you a better idea of a usual week for me!

Jonathan and I had a photoshoot (shooting back to back for four days). Our amazing client was Whitehouse Institute Of Design. We were shooting for new branding / marketing content for Whitehouse. It is so much fun shooting alongside Jonathan. It’s nice to be able to work quickly and professionally with someone you love. I think it makes for a fantastic work environment.

Each day was massive hours – we had about 29 looks per day to rip through. We spread our time between the Sydney and Melbourne campus. I hadn’t been to Melbourne in years, i am already looking forward to visiting again. The two days we were there wasn’t nearly enough!

We had such a fun four days, and to tell you the truth we missed it a lot this past weekend! Big thank you to Leanne, Billie and their fantastic teams in both Sydney and Melbourne as well as Jonathan and Wade, who I couldn’t have done it with out.

Stay tuned for when the images are released! They are incredible.

Behind The Scenes shot on my Fuji X100 by Wade



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