Revisiting my love for man style shirt dresses. Yes it’s not the first time a dress like this has made it’s way into my regular rotation. So this Sunday morning I am having a large cup of nostalgia with my chia pudding.



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In 2008 I bought a white, man-style, over-sized white shirt dress. I wore it religiously. I wore it at any chance I got and I probably even tried to sleep in it, just so I never had to take it off. I can still picture how I used to to wear it as well; a brown (read: completely horrible) woven belt to cinch in the waist and I had a pair of black ballet flats with a little bow on the toe. I think this outfit was the first outfit I realised I no longer has to abide by “fashion rules” and match every accessory to each other.

Circa 2008, I was notorious for matching my belt, shoes, bag, jewellery. I even remember asking Jonathan if “black shoes and indigo jeans went together“. Uh, of course they do. Black goes with everything. The thought of matching everything seamlessly now makes me want to run down the street screaming, while simultaneously pulling out my hair.

Here we are in September 2014 and I have yet again found myself revisiting ye ol’ white shirt dress – this time I have embraced the over-sized look minus a belt, with tan sandals and a maroon clutch – my 18 year old self (2008) is currently having a heart attack that my bag and shoes aren’t in fact matching, but what’s the fun in fashion if you’re not experimenting or growing as you get older?

Also, I am loving my new blog design! Jonathan has been working his magic the past few weeks, so it’s exciting that I was able to launch it yesterday! Do you love it?



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