This week I am getting ready for an overseas trip, so I thought I would do a “What’s In My Carry-On” post.


I always find it so interesting what other people pack, so I thought it may be something you’d like to see!


I am a chronic over-packer. I love to pack too many books, products to keep my face hydrated, things to touch up for when we’re about to land or for once we land, items to help me feel refreshed, perfume, travel size beauty items, change of clothing et al. Recently I revised what I take, because I was sick of always carrying around a bag which was too heavy and now I have it down pat!




  1. Anti redness / dullness creams: This is great to apply when you know you’ll be landing soon. It gets rid of dullness or redness you may have experienced while you were flying. Lancome DreamTone
  2. Moisturiser: A perfect moisturiser which leaves your skin ultra soft. Lancome Visionnaire
  3. Mascara: Travel size mascara to apply when you’re going to land. My secret is to apply this so it opens your eyes – you appear less tired. Lancome Mascara
  4. Perfume: If you smell good, you’ll feel so much fresher. I hate the feeling of being dirty and I know I am not alone. I carry small travel size perfumes with me ALWAYS Lancome Perfume.
  5. Change of Clothes – usually exercise tights and a big comfy jumper because the aircon is always so damn cold. And change of knickers in case they lose your bag
  6. Eye mask. This silk one is the best
  7. Melatonin. Thanks JD getting me on to that!
  8. Headphones + Headphone splitter so if you’re traveling with a friend you can watch the same thing on your laptop!
  9. Fun socks to help with swelling, because, my gosh I get fat feet when I travel.
  10. Notepad to write down ideas or sketch on a long flight.


Places like Activeskin do great travel size essentials. That’s where I picked up all my pint size favourites. They sell all your favourite high end brands at great prices! Now I just leave them all in the same clutch so I know where everything is when I am going traveling.


I am so excited to be heading away next week – be sure to keep posting on my Instagram and blog for updates.



Author: Ally Carey

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