What I Am Wearing Today [#WIWT]: Zulu And Zephyr Top [ Substance Blog exclusive woo!], PeepToe Miss Pleasure Shoes and Good Girl White Leather Shorts

Photos: Jonathan






Maybe it’s because it’s hot and I’m shopping online, but my heart tells me I should buy at least 15 fans and surround myself with them. AT LEAST.

It’s astonishing how little the perforated holes in my white leather shorts cooled me down today. The only way to get through an outfit post today was to suck on an icy-pole (read: not in a sexual / highly pornographic way).

Teaming white on white on nude today, because it was a) clean b) relatively ironed and c) looks pretty damn rad together. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why – fashion doesn’t need a justification.

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Author: Ally Carey

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