What I Am Wearing Today {#WIWT}: Anna And Boy For General Pants Grid Iron T-shirt and more…

Continued: Somedays Lovin Shorts, Mel Pop Shoes and Shakuhachi Sunglasses







The year is almost over, but it hasn’t been a total bust. At the very least, I’ve managed to get to the beach a lot. Maybe that’s wasting time?

Well, I guess it’s not all wasted when you have images like these? Well done to Jonathan for capturing absolute dream shots of this: Anna And Boy, Someday Lovin’, Mel Pop, Shakuhachi Combo. That was quite the mouthful!

Thought of the day: How much time do you think people spend fixing their hair before recording an Instagram vid / photo? Oh the things that pop in to my head through out the day. I’m going to start writing them down more often.

Author: Ally Carey

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