Wearing: Talulah Gleaming Fields Dress, Who Killed Bambi Clear Clutch, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Lipstik Heels, Marc Jacobs Wallet, Diva Necklace

Photos: Jonathan – He is a dude, and perhaps the dudest of dudes.








The Gleaming Fields Dress by Talulah is so stunning – I’m not sure which feature I like best out of the asymmetrical hemline, textured fabric (it’s times like these I wish you could feel through your computer, but it’s also times like this I am glad technology hasn’t advanced to being extremely creepy) or the double pockets on the front. It’s like this dress has the power of mind control – it’s won me over, good.

Oh and just a little bit of Wednesday knowledge for you: In case you didn’t realise one of my favourite pastimes is to stand around in beautiful clothes on rocks, next to rocks, beneath rocks…and so on.

Author: Ally Carey

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