Gelato coloured clothing? I wholeheartedly approve.


I would wear something that wasn’t so sheer in between layers, but the thing is, you could get too hot at literally any moment. This dress should come with the disclaimer that it “helps reduce boob and stomach sweat on hot days”. I get a lot of joy out of thinking about the fact you’re basically walking around with a fan strapped to your torso. Now think about walking around with an actual fan strapped to your stomach – you’d look pretty ridiculous.

95% of my time when wearing this dress is spent explaining to people where I got it from. I was stopped on the street yesterday by a girl about my age. At first I thought she was going to mug me in broad daylight, on a busy street in Sydney, then a few words brought me more relief than what I could have hoped for “I love your dress, where did you buy it from?”. If that’s not an indication to wear this dress all the time, I am not sure what is.






Wearing: Shakuhachi Gelato Dress, Just Because Shoes and Roc Eyewear Sunglasses
Photography: Jonathan

Author: Ally Carey

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