Wearing: Shakuhachi Body Map Tailored Shirt Top, Shakuhachi Body Map Tailored Shorts, Marc Jacobs Wallet (here) And Lipstik Crash Heels





I’ve never wished it to be the weekend more so than this week. This week can go sit in the corner and take a good hard look at itself (I know the chances of that happening are slim, but it should at least acknowledge just how sucky it was). Nothing drastic was wrong, but when someone you love to bits is so, so sick it makes for a sucky week.

Turns out today wasn’t so bad as he is on the mend, so I put on my best matching ensemble to celebrate (not really it’s just a coincidence I happened to wear this today). This little twosie is from Shakuhachi’s New Summer ’13 collection. I am loving the strong prints, directional lines, monochrome madness and the snake print is killer, so be sure to check it all out as it dropped this week!


Author: Ally Carey

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