It’s weird that more of our conversations don’t begin with “pineapple prints are better than most prints, therefore we should drink more piña coladas“.

When people say fashion is aspirational, are they picturing me comparing the Paris couture shows and writing this blog post while wearing a towel? I am supposed to be getting ready to go out, but instead I have found myself in this predicament. I’m not actually embarrassed, but I am just really comfortable.

Moving forward, well actually backwards to yesterdays outfit of choice. Question: How else are you meant to let people know how much pineapples mean to you, if you don’t in fact wear them in a matching twinset? Please note: Pineapples don’t mean that much to me and I don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about them either. However I have thought about the fact that pineapples, strictly speaking, are not a fruit. Rather it is 100-200 fruitlets all fused together. Makes you think, huh? Not really.







What I Am Wearing: Glassons Shorts, Glassons Shirt, Kardashian Kollection Ella Heels, River Island Clutch, Strange Stranger Rings

Author: Ally Carey

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