Welcome to tonight’s edition of his and / or hers. Where I bring you both mine and Jonathan’s outifts featuring shoes thanks to Billie Shoes.







His: Billie Shoes, Nixon Watch, Nixon Headphones, Flux Jeans, Asos Shirt, Toy Camera Book via Amazon.
Hers: Billie Shoes, Daniel Wellington Watch, Alexa Chung Book, Isla by Talulah Shirt, G Star Raw Jeans, Kmart Headphones.

Today: I was in Sydney in meetings all day, hence a super late post.

What: I thought it would be super cute to feature a his and / or hers post considering Jonathan is just as into fashion as I am (he is a fashion photographer after all!). To that end I’ve created a matching yet also mirrored theme for this post. I think about these things sometimes. For you guys. Because you’re great.

Sometimes I’ll be doing something and Jonathan will take over the reigns at Substance and you’ll get an odd turn-of-phrase (like “turn over the reigns”). You may think to yourself “oh, that makes sense”, but it’s literally happened, like, twice in four years or so. Wow, four years?

Far out. I can remember the first “outfit post” we shot for the neophyte Substance (The Unknown Pleasures). It was on a wall at the apartment block we lived at (Q1 Surfers Paradise, apartment 1508), and I (remember, this is Jonathan now) was like “uuurgh” but then we took the photos and they were great (‘great’ given that I haven’t seen them in probably three years).

I’m pretty sure they were for Neuw Jeans and Ally was wearing a hat that she maybe still has. Maybe she doesn’t? We’ve moved three times since that time. One of those moves was interstate.

Who knows? I sure don’t.

Author: Ally Carey

Hi, I am Ally, a writer and creative at Substance. I have worked in the fashion industry for 6+ years as a model and now on Substance. Substance is a lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, health and self-improvement; hoping to inspire you to live a life filled with Substance. For more: @AllyMayCarey

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