The big day is only a week away!

I am so looking forward to: Food, family, beach cricket, prawn sandwiches with homemade sauce, ciders in the sun, oysters straight from the shell, singing and playing music with my family, driving around looking at the good and the bad Christmas light displays and of course the joy of presents!






I have teamed up with Universal Store to show case my #neednotwant list! See below for details on what I am wearing in my photos!

1. Lee Denim Shorts: Much like the LBD, white T-shirts and jeans, denim shorts make the list of timeless trends. Denim shorts are such a versatile piece and in my eyes a must have for Summer. Not convinced? Opt for a style much like a pair DKNY dressed Cara Delevingne Spring 2013 runway – in loose, boyfriend-style denim, which I have found the perfect pair here
2. Paint It Red Stripey T-shirt: There’s nothing quite like the striped shirt. It is the perfect complimentary piece to all the items in your wardrobe. What better way to break in your breton stripes than on Christmas Day, AMIRITE? I have found just the right cut for any length torso here and It is also very reasonably priced!
3. Windsor Smith Sandals: In the Summer there are normal flat girls and then there are chunky sandal girls. I have narrow size 8 feet, so very rarely do flat sandals look good on me. Anything thin and lady-like makes my foot look super thin, boney and about 10 sizes bigger than what they are. So this style is my go to in Summer. It’s still a sandal, but the heel and chunkiness of the sole makes my feet look normal. Well, as normal as feet can look. So if you have similar feet issues, these guys are definitely my suggestion to you!
4. Luck And Trouble Bag: A barrel style handbag is my go to for summer. You can fit swimmers, hat, camera, water bottle – basically your entire summer needs without your zipper exploding. It is pretty handy on over night stays etc as it fits toiletries, flat iron, curler etc – you know the important things! I have come across a super cute, affordable must have barrel bag here
5. Stussy Hat: I am utterly obsessed with caps at the moment. Last Summer it was felt, wide brimmed hats a la Lack of Colour, but this Summer it’s all about the canvas caps! Stussy have some pretty amazing prints this year, as do Nixon. You probably will find yourself shopping in the mens section, but that’s okay as they’re generally all adjustable! There’s so many to choose from: Flat brim, canvas, leather, snap back. Just a little bit of advice for when you’re choosing a cap: you want to think about a hat like it’s a pair of sunglasses, and choose one that suits your face properly, so be sure to try it on!

Be sure to check back to my photos to see all the above!

Author: Ally Carey

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