Taking a step down memory lane today as I become nostalgic about my first watch. It’s a wonderful feeling recalling the past all these years on.


When I was seven I moved to Cooma with my Mother for 8 months, it was the height of Cooma’s colder months, yet I never once experienced it snow. My parents were still together, as they are today, Mum just had to move away for work in that time. Not a lot of High Schools in our area held vacancies in 1997, so Mum moved where there was some. So she wasn’t a lonely forty-something woman, she took her favourite child (oh, hi Siblings if you’re reading). I figured she thought I was the best kid for the job and my siblings weren’t as tough as me – that’s what we’ll roll with anyway. It was the height of my fluffy bob, faded leggings worn with brown riding boot days. I was a bit lost back then in the hair / clothing department, but I quickly learned what was what in the years which followed.

We were house-sitting for a gentleman named Ken. He lived on property just outside of Cooma in a very large house – too large for Mum and I. It was shaded by trees and riddled with spiders, but he left the best food in the house so that won me over and seemed to cancel the negatives out. My favourite were those sickly sweet, creamed biscuit in the shape of a rectangle – the kind of biscuit you have three of and then, boom, diabetes ensues. Damn they were delicious after school. I also used to feed them to the neighbours dog, who I had secretly claimed as my own.

Ken was such a kind man, and when he returned occasionally from overseas he would tell me stories of his children, even though they were now adults. One of the final times I saw Ken, before we moved back to our actual home, he gifted me a very tiny, metal Casio watch with an analogue face. It was from then on I knew how to properly tell the time. Despite it being a little large on my seven year old wrist, I wore it with absolute pride. I would go around telling people to ask me “what’s the time Mr Wolf?”… I am quite certain that sentence never wore out its welcome.


I think that because a watch was the first “real” piece of jewellery / accessory I owned, it turned me into a collector and a watch connoisseur. From the Casio, I then was gifted a hot pink Swatch from my Aunty which my dog Chezza proceeded to chew, then a Roxy one followed. As an adult I have bought and been gifted my fair share; Nixon, Daniel Wellington, Swatch and now this incredible WeWOOD piece has been added to the collection.


It is made from wood, so it is like no other. It’s light, it’s masculine and it’s large on my wrist, so this is an absolute dream for me. I just love a large watch. The light wood makes for such a nice change to metal or leather. The bezel is etched with units per hour, and the face features gorgeous metal and roman numerals. It’s always nice when a fashion company gives back; and WeWOOD do just this. WeWOOD partners with American Forests and Trees For The Future to plant one tree for every WeWOOD purchased.

Check out all WeWood pieces here on their website: WeWood


Author: Ally Carey

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