I have been a little bit absent lately – holidays and generally life have made me take a step back and have a little bit of a hiatus. That said, I am all refreshed and ready to get back into writing, creating and client work.

I am in the midst of preparing for Splendour In The Grass, so this blog post is definitely not for me this weekend. That said, I will definitely be doing this the following weekend, because I love switching off. I think it is nice to take a step back sometimes, even if it’s only for a few hours. I think it is so healthy for your brain and general well-being.



I love having at home time on the weekend. I love burning candles, popping on a face and hair mask and some music. I have had some really restless nights lately and taking time out to do the little things has helped me get that feeling of well-being back.


I think we can all agree that technology is great at keeping us connected to anything and everyone in our lives — the only exception to this rule is when it keeps you connected to the office. Try and keep emails to Monday-Friday and only in work hours. I really struggle with this and constantly check emails after hours. I am trying to get better at it though! Baby steps!


This one is so hard for all of us, considering the majority of us spend at least 10 hours per day on our phones. While I do think phone do make us all a lot more productive, I do think they are a major distraction. I am terrible with phone usage. It’s really hard when everything is on your phone; social media, text messages, banking, to-do lists etc. It is definitely a habit I need to kick and allocate specific times at night time.


Ways to keep yourself from being distracted on your phone is pick up a book every time you go to scroll Instagram or Facebook.

Some suggestions:

  1. Into The Water: Paula Hawkins
  2. The Princess Saves Herself In This One: Amanda Lovelace
  3. We Are Never Meeting In Real Life: Samanthy Irby


I used to struggle with the feeling of guilt when I didn’t want to do anything on the weekend. I used to feel like doing nothing is a waste of your own time or a waste of a perfectly good day. It’s definitely something you need to learn to be comfortable with. If all you want to do is watch Netflix, read, listen to music, cook or literally sit on the couch, let yourself. It’s probably your brains way of telling you to take some time for yourself, so don’t feel bad!


Author: Ally Carey

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