I feel like I got so much done today ! I worked up until 3pm and then after a quick late lunch by the sea with JD, we took some quick photos of my outfit because I absolutely dig all of these Australian designers and just had to share!

Outfit details below
Photography: My husband, Jonathan Hayward


My entire outfit is by local Australian labels – I figured being so close to Christmas there was no better time than to show my support to all my favourite guys and girls!

  1. Blouse: Assembly Label
  2. Top: MLM
  3. Shorts: Assembly Label
  4. Shoes: Bared
  5. Hat: ROC
  6. Clutch: Art Hide



My five year plan is to wear this outfit every day – I love it so much, so don’t tell me I can’t. Also, my other five year plan is to not have to wash my fringe every other minute – seriously it’s like I grew a million extra sweat glands in that area in the last week! It’s sad that I can’t get away with “fake” washing my hair anymore. My inner dialogue is whispering “Just shave it off”…All that said – I totally love it. No seriously, I do.




Author: Ally Carey

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4 thoughts on “Wake Me Up”

    1. Oh thank you! Yes, the upkeep is a lot harder than normal hair and gets oily quicker, so I find I wash it a lot!

      I bet you looked amazing with a fringe!

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