I have so much fun filming video – it’s always fun to have that memory compressed into a short 3 minute creation, so you can look back and be all like “awwww, remember when we got lost because I’m crap at directions?”.


Last week Jonathan and I had some rare free time to head on a day adventure through Sydney and a little further south to Bundeena. Lately we have had deadline after deadline, work, Birthdays, organising an impending move and events, that we haven’t had time to spend quality time together. We love spontaneous adventures – you know where you just jump in the car, google new places to eat, listen to your favourite tunes on Spotify, you have no destination in mind (get lost because I’m terrible at Google Maps) and post a million photos to Instagram?


We recently teamed up with Virgin Mobile Australia – and I thought it would be super fun to bring you along on our road trip from last week – I want to show you what we got up to, show you the yummiest places to eat and where to go next time you’re out of ideas on a weekend!


I ended up with a lot of unused data last month (March) because we were away for a lot of the month for work trips and I couldn’t post as regularly as I would normally like to on social media etc – luckily Virgin have just introduced a new concept where any unused data from the previous month will rollover, and be added to your mobile data cap for the following month. For me, being a blogger, social media fiend and avid explorer, this means I can go crazy with maps, spotify, instagram (oh sweet, sweet Instagram what would I do without you?)!


Watch on to see our little trip!

Filmed by JD

For more details on VMA Visit below



*advertorial piece

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