Last night Jonathan and I celebrated 7 years together! Holy wow, right?

We got a hotel room in the city and went to dinner at Saké in The Rocks, Sydney. It was such an incredible night. So relaxed, completely romantic and just really nice to take a step back and celebrate something so special. Without going all soppy, sickly lovey or boring you about relationships – I just want to say I am incredibly lucky to have him by my side, supporting me through everything I want to achieve and putting up with my sense of humor, endless questions and crazy energy levels. I guess that’s why we’re a great match.

Without him Substance would not be where it is today, so let’s all take a moment to take off our various hats to the man.

violet and I

We checked into an amazing hotel right near Circular Quay. I had never done a “mystery booking” before. Basically, for those who aren’t aware what one of these is, is they give you a star rating, approximate location and a price and then you find out the hotels name once payment goes through. It’s all a bit of fun, but definitely a little scary. I kept thinking “please don’t be crappy, please don’t be crappy”. We lucked into such an amazing room on the 27th floor, and it boasted views of the harbor and city. It was still raining yesterday, so I thought I would take advantage of these bay windows and shoot a little outfit post prior to heading out for drinks in the afternoon – prior to feeling positively jolly.

violet and I

I am so loyal to the brands I love – I follow them season to season. Sometimes I am in awe that designers can produce incredible pieces consistently. I can only imagine their thought process and how hard it would be to even produce one print and know it’s killer.

Violet and I are an Australian fashion label I was introduced to Feb 2013. The design aesthetic of V&I is feminine yet strong pieces. You may remember me featuring this incredible printed blazer in the early days of Substance and also my Birthday outfit from last year, a gorgeous blue playsuit. I still get so much wear out of each as they aren’t following any micro-trends and really come into their own when paired back different accessories. I picked up these wide-legged, floral pants a fortnight ago – it was time for some Violet and I for 2014! They are made of silk and are just incredible. I will have to shoot them again soon, styled in another way. They will be perfect for Summer. I also love that I don’t trip over when wearing them, which is normally the case for me when I wear wide-legged pants! So clumsy and lanky!

violet and I



Boohoo shoes, Violet and I pants, Sportsgirl Knit, Next Bag

violet and I


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