There’s been a little bit of silence over here, hasn’t there? I haven’t meant for there to be. Ideally I was going to do blog posts daily while being here in Thailand, of which I have been here the last 8 days, but I decided to just soak up some much needed down time with the hubby and go offline (excluding Instagram) for a few days.

Today I quickly edited you a video of what we have been up to – I figured it was the fastest way to bring you up to speed with the last few days, and I thought I could relive it all again because it has seriously been my favourite overseas trip to date. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I have a lot of content to bring you: adventure, road trips, food recs, where we stayed, what I wore etc.

I hope you enjoy our video. Now I have to sift through 100,000,000 photos! Ha.


Author: Ally Carey

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1 thought on “VIDEO: Our Thailand Journey”

  1. Such a lovely video! i love how you added the mundane stuff that we all do, like fill up with petrol! Made it so much more real! x

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