I have been on a hair ban for two year. There has been no dyeing, no cutting, just a whole lot of growing, knots and the occasional dread-lock friend. Yesterday I went to Alan Buki’s salon in Paddington and left with what was a massive change for me…




When I booked in to see Alan, I had the mindset of “change everything”. I knew I had been coveting bangs for a while, but I thought there was a chance that I would chicken out last minute. I thought my butterfly riddled stomach and sweaty palms would get the better of me and would leave his beautiful salon with a treatment and an eternity of disappointment in myself for not following through after weeks of complaining to Jonathan of being so bored with my lifeless hair.

It was a hard decision on my behalf – I hadn’t coloured my hair since December 2012 and just prior to that I had a blonde bob which I adored for a whole of 2 months out of the 7-8 months I had it for. At the time I was notorious for changing my hair. I was blonde one day, pink the next. I dabbled with fudge, LIVE wash out dye and various toners. My friend Carly, who coincidentally was my hairdresser at the time knew only too well that my blonde days had a shelf life so she suggested I put a semi-permanent light brown dye over the sandy block colour and make a transition back to my all natural colour.

I never thought I could love a colour so much. It ended up growing out to the most beautiful ombre, so much so people actually thought I had been to get a professional, subtle variation of the ever so popular balayage – but no, what they were seeing was utter persistence and a long journey to get the wedding hair I had been dreaming about. I wanted natural and I wanted long, effortless style. This two year hair journey has taught me to be patient and it has taught me that I shouldn’t play with variation of colour when it comes to my hair. Natural, almost not dyed hair looks and suits me the best. If I go too dark I look gothic and too blonde it makes me look so pale. So the colour I am now is somewhere in-between I guess. My hair is the healthiest and shiniest it has ever been too – so I am so pleased I grew it out. Growing your hair out to your natural colour is about as frustrating as growing your eyebrows out. I also did this in 2008 (I was a chronic over plucker in my teens). Once you get over the hump it’s all smooth sailing from there, trust me.

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So what did I actually get done yesterday?

Yesterday, Tiff from Alan Buki for Original & Mineral created a brighter blonde and lifted the starting point a little higher – it frames my face better and adds so much more dimension. I must admit, my colour on my ends was looking a little sad and dull lately until yesterday.I also got a gloss treatment to make my hair extra shiny – if you want to see your reflection, feel free to use my hair, because this treatment is crazy good! After Tiff worked her magic, Alan snipped, chopped and created such a fresh look for me. He took some of the weight off the ends and added the best bangs in the business. I love them and he is a hair god.

Watch on to see my hair transformation vlog!

See all details for Alan’s Salon here and all Original & Mineral products here. Address: 388 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney

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