I wasn’t sure if the distinction between high end makeup and low end makeup would be that noticeable or not, so it will be interesting to see if you really “get what you pay for” so I filmed a video to get to the bottom of it all!


Just a little disclaimer – this post is in no way a sponsored post, it is just a little bit of a fun experiment I thought I would partake in for my own enjoyment / purposes / et cetera. I want to evaluate the appearance of cheaper makeup – I’m not seeing if it wears longer than expensive product or performs better throughout the day, I just want to see what it looks like, all up on my face. I went to Target the other day after a morning full of running countless errands and as I had some time to kill I thought I would go into target and have a look at makeup and homewares. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love makeup and doona/sheet sets and Target is always good for a bargain.

I bought all the products for $50, which is about the price I usually pay for one thing in my normal make-up collection. I think my foundation is generally around $55 and primers relatively the same, so to buy 6/7 things for $50 I couldn’t help but giggle when I left the store.

This could end really badly, by the way (I haven’t filmed at the time of drafting this post).

Watch on to see what I love/ hate/ recommend/ threw out straight away!

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Author: Ally Carey

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