I ate tofu, Oreos, wasabi peas and maple corn treats – therefore my eating habits resemble a 6 months pregnant woman craving a ridiculous amount of food.

In this video you will see me talk briefly about my favourite pastime with Jonathan, nearly choke to death or there abouts, hear Jonathan’s voice (debut?) and see horrendous and delicious food! What a recipe for success!

Please note, that this is my version of indulging. I wouldn’t normally eat this much in one sitting, it was for your viewing pleasure only, and to give you a little insight into my interests and life! My normal diet consists of healthy food and I believe you should eat in moderation and not restrict yourself from any food groups etc.

Gimme all the food.

Wearing: Samantha Will Necklaces and Mossimo Dress

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Author: Ally Carey

Hi, I am Ally, a writer and creative at Substance. I have worked in the fashion industry for 6+ years as a model and now on Substance. Substance is a lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, health and self-improvement; hoping to inspire you to live a life filled with Substance. For more: @AllyMayCarey

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