Hello from afar! Over the next week I will be bring you along on a virtual road trip, chill out and let the good times roll.

sydey fashion

sydney fashion

Serious questions: What’s the meaning of life and do I need to go on a week long road trip?

When Ford contacted me to take part in my very own Urban Adventure I began thinking about places I loved and cherished as well as some places I haven’t ever been to, but have wanted to explore thoroughly since I was young. I wanted to show my Australian and International readers some of the best spots around Sydney and further south (down towards where I grew up).

sydney fashion

Sydney fashion

sydney fashion

After dropping my best friend at Sydney Airport last night, we hit the road south on the Princes Highway, driving through the night in our Ford Ecosport, which I have been test driving this past week. I usually hate driving at night time. I don’t normally feel all that safe on long roads with trucks passing by, but the size of the Ecosport had me feeling confident behind the wheel. Talking about size – I packed about 234982 bags of “just in case clothing / shoes / junk”, so I am glad I have ample space to work with while I am away.

I only asked twice if “we were there yet”, so yes, I guess you could say being nearly 24 is going well.

sydney fashion

sydney fashion

Today, the Autumn sun was quickly replaced by brooding clouds and there is a chill in the air. We drove into the seaside holiday town of Narooma for some lunch and to explore the surroundings. Narooma is the town Jonathan and I both grew up in and the town where my parents still live. Narooma has some of the most spectacular views on the New South Wales South Coast and is known for it’s clear blue waters, surf culture and local fishery. I don’t get here as much as I would like, but when I do, I fall in love with it all over again.

sydney fashion

sydney fashion

I will be showcasing some of the best over the next week, including workout tips for while you are away.

Be sure to check in on Instagram and follow my road trip throughout the next 7 days at @substance_blog @fordaustralia and #EcoSportDiscoveriesAU


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