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We arrived to Ulladulla this afternoon after leaving Narooma around mid morning. We took our time in the rain after seeing a car flip and land on it’s roof. Thankfully no one was hurt. We often take our safety for granted, especially when you’re driving long hours.

I wish that we could have left this crappy weather behind. I have been looking skywards, begging the weather gods to go away, but the rain has been continuous, drizzly all day without a glimmer of a glimmer of blue sky.

In other news: I seem to be excelling at making small talk about the weather the past few days!

sydney fashion

Tomorrow we will be driving around to wineries (YUM), exploring the area and the most exciting part of our trip yet; we’re heading to the place we’re getting married to have a chat to the owners etc – I assume we’re doing all these things huddled under an umbrella or looking like we just stepped out of a shower. Either way, I don’t mind as I am having a kick ass time away.

If you’re wondering why I am sitting in a wardrobe, it’s because I just got home from seeing Wolf Creek 2, and this is where I sleep now.

sydney fashion


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