Mastering the art of wearing khaki, the perfect desaturated earthy tone you need this season – androgynous silhouettes worked in with the perfect feminine pieces.


So, I decided to dye my hair pink.

We coined it a rose gold, dusty pink, but there is a slight degree of difference between colours depending on what type of light I am in. It came about quite spontaneously and in a moment of “why the hell not” mentality, my hairdresser quickly mixed a toner in a subtle rose hue.

Like many people, I find the thought of changing my hair colour to a non traditional colour positively terrifying. I am definitely not a “cool girl”, so I didn’t know if I could pull off a colour like this. I have been so curious with coloured hair over the years – Cyndi Lauper is attributed for introducing colourful hair to me when I became fixated with her unapologetic signature style. Now three days in, I am so glad I did it – it feels so great to try something new.

Damn, it’s been a liberating experience. Which is strange, because who would think something as trivial as a colour change could make any difference?

Changing your mindset and trialling things you’ve always wanted to (this goes for many things in life) are all-important nuances that express what you’re all about. Exploring new ways of styling also plays a big role in making you feel a certain way about yourself. There is something to be said about self expression through sartorial choices.

Today’s two outfits are two styles that I have been exploring lately – androgynous silhouettes like bomber jackets and tailored pants, injected with a feminine touch with intricate lace, slip dresses and heels. See, I never really dress in a manner that could be considered overtly “feminine”. It’s been this way since I was younger; I can’t tell you how many cargo pants and hawaiian shirts I owned as a pre-teen. I wish that my sartorial influences weren’t that of a father on tropical vacation, but unfortunately it’s a 100% fact: as a youth I dressed like an extra from Romeo + Juliet.


I’d like to think now that I make better choices when it comes to my wardrobe each season. I realise it’s nice to strike somewhat of a balance and take more of a mixed approach instead of dressing overtly tomboy.

These amazing pieces are from the SS16 collaboration by Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo – it’s their second season,

Standouts from the collection included: Olive green bomber jacket, intricate lace slip dress and the best fitting tailored pants, like, ever. The collection boasts versatile looks to take us all from work to dinner in an instant. Military style is also key in the collection, rounding out Carine Roitfeld’s great fusion of functionality with femininity.

Shop the collection at Uniqlo or online (all really reasonably priced): here

(outfit details at the bottom of this post)








Outfit One: Uniqlo Pants, Uniqlo Bomber, Uniqlo Tank, Puma Creepers

Outfit Two: Uniqlo Dress, Uniqlo Bomber, RMK Heels


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  1. Your hair is such a perfect rose gold shade, and a great way to test the waters of coloured hair. I feel terrified if I have ‘normal’ coloured hair. That slip dress is gorgeous!

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