The 70s are making a comeback in a big way (have you been watching the runways this season?!), and because I am obsessed with the thought of this, I thought I would give a nod to a hairstyle which I have loved so much over the years – the 70s boho-beach-babe-relaxed-curls ‘do. Don’t fret, we’re not going to be paying homage to Farrah Fawcett to closely – it’s the 2015 equivalent (read: it’s actually wearable).

My favourite hair right now is relaxed, loose and natural, so be sure to follow this step-by-step guide to create beautiful, beachy waves at home. The aim is for it to look low maintenance and almost like you #wokeuplikethis:

KMS_13Start by washing your hair – my trick is to double shampoo, followed by a good condition on the ends. I used the KMS Colorvitality Shampoo & Conditioner

KMS_1Towel off, then spray a volumising spray onto wet hair, then follow with blow-drying your hair straight, making sure you don’t make your hair fuzzy. I use the KMS Add Volume Volumising Spray
KMS_2Section your hair in to parts. Start with the bottom layer and work your way up. I use larger sections so the curls are too small. The aim is to get big, effortless, beach babe hair. Knowwhati’msayin?
KMS_3Start curlin’, girl. Alternate the way you wrap your hair around the curler too! Leave your fringe or layers around the face until last – general rule of thumb is: Curl away from the face!
KMS_4After each section spray hair spray and a texturising spray on (then let them cool down). I used the KMS Playable Texture Spray.
KMS_6Continue same technique until that half of your head is done.

KMS_5Voila, one half of my head done. Normally I would curl a little closer to the roots, but I didn’t have a mirror with me…so…

KMS_7And…Now so is the other! Leave it to cool right down…

KMS_8It’s time to brush the curls out! Make sure you do this as gently as possible, otherwise you’ll just undo the work you just did.
KMS_9I then like to rough them up with my fingers – messier the better! Running your fingers through will break up the curls and add even more texture!

KMS_11I learned this tip from my hairdresser the other day! If the curls are still too defined, and you’re going for more of a wavy look, as opposed to curls, straighten out the curls with your hair straightener and then repeat step 10!

KMS_12Sydney weather has been so humid lately so I have been using an anti humidity spray. KMS Anti-humidity Seal Spray.

KMS_14Spray some more texturising spray! Followed by hair spray.
KMS_15And we’re done! It was that simple! I hope you love your tousled, beachy perfection.

KMS_16Take a bunch of stupid photos or 1 million selfies.


Colorvitality Shampoo

Colorvitality Conditioner

Add Volume Volumising Spray

Anti-humidity Seal

Playable Texture

Oh! And I nearly forgot to mention – The KMS Style Channel has just launched, where you can find some great hair inspiration and tutorials (much like this one). To celebrate the launch of the KMS Style Channel, they are giving away a year’s worth of salon visits! Click here to enter.

Author: Ally Carey

Hi, I am Ally, a writer and creative at Substance. I have worked in the fashion industry for 6+ years as a model and now on Substance. Substance is a lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, health and self-improvement; hoping to inspire you to live a life filled with Substance. For more: @AllyMayCarey

8 thoughts on “Tutorial: Soft, 70’s Curls in only 15 Minutes!”

  1. I walked past H&M the other day and thought woah have I stepped back in time, every look on all the mannequins was a complete 70’s look from head to toe! I love this look, messy/curly/beachy hair is the best kind I think, it looks super pretty on you! I love your blog and the pictures are always so flawless & enjoyable to look at 🙂

    1. I know, right? I absolutely love the 70s – I swear I should have been born in that era.
      Thank you so much for reading Substance and your lovely comment. Keep up your amazing blog!

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