I recently went to Fiji on a little 12 day trip, so now it’s time to put my thoughts down on, uh, paper? Let’s pretend you’re thumbing through this article, instead of scrolling.

The best part about going to Fiji, was I went in a little oblivious (that and I came back at least 20 shades darker). I purposefully did zero research ahead of time. I am usually one to research places I go extensively ahead of going, but on this trip I wanted to go in blissfully unaware and that saw me discovering as I went. What I found was that’s the best way to do it.


As soon as I arrived in Fiji I was introduced to a little concept Fijian’s like to called Fiji time. It’s the island way of living and because of this, I quickly forget the schedule and our arranged itinerary, in fact, for the 12 days I was away I forget the concept of time existed altogether.

We spent the first day on the main land and then we met our crew and set sail. For 8 days straight I was the epitome of an island girl. No makeup, unruly curls and a bikini a day. My days consisted of eating, thinking and swimming. I barely reached for my phone; I completely switched off.




I packed far too much for the 12 days I was away. This always happens. I could have just got away with the below. You’ll be swimming mostly, so you don’t actually require a lot of outfits


  1. 2 x Denim shorts
  2. Several bikinis (CRUCIAL)
  3. Linen towel
  4. Sarong
  5. Hat (cap if you’re sailing)
  6. 2x linen shirt
  7. 1x nice evening outfit
  8. Slides and sneakers
  9. Activewear for hikes ( I didn’t and totally regretted it)
  10. Sunglasses
  11. 2x Tshirts
  12. 1x Dress or skirt


  1. Plenty of sunscreen (I reccomend 50+)
  2. Hair oil
  3. Moisturiser
  4. Aftersun gel
  5. BB cream instead of makeup
  6. Panadol
  7. Bandaids and antiseptic


  1. GoPro
  2. Camera + SD cards
  3. Laptop if you need
  4. Kindle or paperback book
  5. Chargers & adapters (If you’re coming from Australia, you won’t need an adapter as we use the same)
  6. Passport






This list is by no means all encompassing, it’s just what we got up to! There is much more that could be added to this list from people who spent more time on the mainland or even just traveled in a different way to us. There is an abundance of things that could be added like shark diving, Blue Lagoon tours and tours of different islands, however, we jam packed a lot into our time, so I hope you find this SUPER helpful.

  1. Swim, swim, swim: I loved the water temp of the water in Fiji. It was super refreshing, but still warm. It’s a lot cooler than the tropics of Thailand, where you feel like you’re swimming in a luke warm bath.
  2. Hike: When I thought of Fiji I definitely didn’t think I would be hiking volcanic peaks. We went on an incredible 2 hours round trip hire, with the most spectacular vantage point. The image above is the view from the top – although it is an amazing image, it still doesn’t do it justice. It was one of those pinch me moments you have while traveling. If I had more days there I would have loved to do more hikes around other islands!
  3. I quickly picked up on the fact that the beaches on Denarau are nowhere near as beautiful as the stunning stretches of sand found out in the islands – you MUST get on a boat and travel to some of the surrounding islands. Seriously, you will be in awe at how breathtaking their reefs and atoll’s. We explored the Mamanuca Islands
  4. Head to Musket Cove for a little stop over. Musket Cove is apart of the Mamanuca Islands. There is a colonial style coffee shop that does great coffee! While you’re on this island you can also ride bikes, get massages and also, there is a cute little bar to sit at, at night with a cosy fire.
  5. We found a little atoll just down from Musket cove and we moored the Cat there for the morning. It was idyllic and the perfect for just relaxing and snorkeling. We also had rope and a surf board, which you will see in the video! So fun!
  6. Windsurfing was a huge thing around the Mamanuca Islands!
  7. Another thing to do is go surfing! Fiji offers some of the world’s best surfing with countless famous spots like Cloudbreak, Lighthouse Rights, and restaurants.  I would have to say the the breaks here aren’t ideal for beginners but our crew told me there are calmer waters at Sigatoka.
  8. Just north of the Mamanucas are the peaks of the Yasawa Islands that make up Fiji’s western border. We reached there a couple of days in and it was stunning. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere and to be honest it was such a great break from civilization.
  9. I wasn’t going to include this, but at last minute, I thought I would. Cloud 9 is a bar in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but to be honest it was a little bit underwhelming. It was crazy busy and the prices of drinks were pretty expensive for what they were. We had a super fun day on the boat and in the water that day, Cloud 9 didn’t really add anything more. I would check it out so you can make your own judgement though!






  1. The Sofitel in Fiji: We all stayed at the Sofitel which is pretty close to Port Denarau Marina. It’s about a half hour drive from the airport. It’s beach front and surrounded by so many different things; water park, driving range, cafes and more. We stayed on day one as it was a good launching pad  for us prior to setting sail. We then stayed there on the final two days we had in Fiji. The resort is expansive and I can see why families love to stay there. Everything you need is there, so if you’re after a holiday where you don’t need to venture far, staying at The Sofitel is definitely a good call! On the first night we ate dinner and sipped on cocktails before a cheeky night swim. We also got to see the amazing performance from Fijian warriors in grass skirts. Seeing them ignite torches to the beat of drums was epic. Be sure to watch the full video to see more!
  2. Set sail: We chartered our own private 48’ Sailing Catamaran ‘Moale’, operated by Adventure Sailing Fiji . We sailed for 8 days to the Mamanuca & Yasawa Island Groups. I had never sailed before, so this was a super exciting way to see a part of Fiji in a totally different way. It’s the perfect way to see Fiji’s spectacular islands at your leisure. We sailed for a couple of hours per day, moored and then either snorkled, paddle boarded or swam. The total cost is inclusive of a chef, linen, food, non-alcoholic beverages, taxes, fuel and mooring fees and snorkeling/fishing gear. It sleeps 8!




Huge thanks to Tim at Fiji Adventure Sailing Fiji, My pals for an awesome time, The Sofitel
Video: @calvinhoffmeyer

Author: Ally Carey

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  1. I went to fiji recently on my honeymoon and stayed at momi bay. Became an island girl instantly, my biggest issue each day was what to have for breakfast and what bikini to wear. Fiji is full of culture and the people are absolutley beautiful! Interested in sailing around the islands 🌴 planning next adventure asap!

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