The benefits of regular exercise in the colder months far outweigh the downsides – trust me!


Summer is sadly coming to an end for Australia. How is this happening?!

Just because it’s getting colder, that shouldn’t stop you from maintaining your fitness or starting a new workout plan – it’s just finding the motivation that’s truly a struggle.

JD and I have now been working out at Virgin Active Pitt St Sydney, for 7 months and I have noticed such a difference mentally and physically. I really look forward to my workouts each day we go because I know my mind will be so much clearer post workout.

I didn’t know what to expect when we signed up to a gym as I had never worked out in a gym before (I’ve always worked out at home or outdoors). I honestly love it. I love the fact it hold me accountable and we have made friends with the trainers and JD has made some great friends with some of the guys who train at similar times to us.

Here are my top tips for for staying motivated in autumn and winter!



  1.  Gear Up: Buy new workout gear appropriate for winter
  2. Take Your Gym Bag To Work: Then you won’t have an excuse not to head there on the way home
  3. Buddy Workouts: Go to the gym with a friend from work or meet your bestie there and sweat it out
  4. Warm up with cardio: Watch Netflix on your phone while you’re on a bike or walking on a treadmill, then it won’t feel like a chore.


I have been doing the following workouts weekly

  1. 1.5 km swim in their pool! So good getting back in the water!
  2. Yoga
  3. Weight training with JD
  4. Running / rowing for another cardio

I still would really like to try reformer Pilates! I need to book in for a class asap! The classes are always super busy, so it’s definitely one of their top classes!

Happy work out guys!


(Images taken post workout at Virgin Active Pitt St)

Author: Ally Carey

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