We’re only two weeks into Winter, but I have already noticed that the drop in temperature has made my skin drier and a lot more sensitive. I am pretty prone to dry skin as it is, so the dry, cold air only makes things worse.  Here is what is on my top shelf this winter to help keep my skin glowing and hyper-hydrated.


In Winter I like to up my skincare routine quite significantly. I make sure I drink more water, I use richer moisurisers and introduce other items to help my skin stay healthy and glowing. I have found that my skin can experience quite a bit of irritation in winter months, which is usually brought on by dryness, so here is what is on my top shelf this winter to help keep my skin glowing and hyper-hydrated.



You may have read my micro-peel experience at Laser Clinics. Since then, I have opted to do an “at home job” at night. This little number from Kiehls helps refine rough texture on your skin. I have only been using this for about 3 and a half weeks but I really love how refreshed my skin feels. Make sure you apply SPF during the say if you’re using this though as it increasing skin sensitivity.

Shop it: Kiehls Micro-Peel



If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know how much I love my bath and mask nights! I love that you only have to leave this on for about 10 minutes! This mask is perfect for winter as it helps soften and mositurise the skin.

Shop it: Dermalogica multivitamin Masque



As soon as I jump out of your shower, I obviously towel dry but once you’ve done this, make sure you apply your moisturiser quick-smart. This will help the moisture stay on and in your skin. You need to lock that water in! I have been using this little number from Grown Alchemist (I think this is my second tube), the hydra-repair day cream is so nourishing and I love that it’s all natural.

Shop it: Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair

SPF 50


Remember when you were really little and your parents would still make you wear a hat on overcast days? Even in Winter you must wear an SPF –  UV rays still come through and damage your skin in winter, so be sure to apply on those days you think you don’t need it. I have been using this sun cream from Dermalogica all through Autumn and love the consistency. It’s the only 50+ I have tried and I love it!

Shop it: Dermalogica Sport 50



Same with a body moisturiser! This smells soooo divine #coconuts. I hate that heavy moisturiser feel, so I always do it before bed after my evening shower.

Shop it: Jergens Hydrating coconut milk



I was introduced to this all natural organic beauty fix from The Beauty Chef recently and it has now replaced my pawpaw ointment. It helps smooth wrinkles, soothes inflamed skin, hydrates and re-texturizes the skin. It has fermented young coconut in it and it melts as soon as it touches your fingers, much like coconut oil. It has a bunch of other natural ingredients. I just can’t get enough.

Shop it: The Beauty Chef



My cuticles have always been dry. Like, the driest things in the world. I will challenge anyone who thinks their cuticles are / have been drier than mine. I have it under control now because I obsessively apply hand cream after I wash my hands, after I shower, after everything I ever do. If I am on the go I use this Grown Alchemist one because it’s small enough for my bag. Side-note: Don’t carry this in your bag if you also have something sharp in there, because it WILL explode everywhere. Everywhere!

Shop it: Grown Alchemist hand cream in Vanilla

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