One Teaspoon get it right every single time. The detailing is always bang on, distressed in all the right places, it is no wonder I am one of, if not the biggest fan.

This is unexpected, and honestly it surprised me too, but I’m excited to announce I sound like a prepubescent boy stuck in a hallway. I kid, I am not excited about that fact. I wanted you to think I had this sexy, husky voice which made Scarlett Johannsen (read:ScarJo) look like a complete amateur. So, apologies for the fact the first time you have ever heard my voice it’s like I live in “echosville”. Hopefully I hit puberty before my next video, or maybe buying a microphone could also be an option.

Anyway here is a video of some cool things.

Mavi Jacket and Toi Et Moi Shirt

Author: Ally Carey

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