Sometimes the hardest part of putting an outfit together isn’t the outfit itself – it’s the accessories.


Choosing the right jewellery can make or break your outfit. I’ve mentioned before how I used to find it hard to accessorize – I always felt over-dressed or too girly if I wore more than just earrings. Now, I can’t leave the house if I haven’t added some form of personality to my ensemble.

I find adding jewellery makes your outfit look polished and more put together, even when you’re wearing the simplest of outfits.

My approach to accessories is to maintain a clean look. A lot of the time I focus on simplicity, and structure when it comes to pieces I choose each day. I am loving my new pieces from Thomas Sabo’s new collection.

Here are my tips to accessorizing in just 5 minutes!




  1. Start with your clothing: I like to see what I am wearing first before I choose my jewellery, that way I know how much I need to accessorize. For EG: If I am wearing a t-shirt I need to dress it up more to create a polished look, whereas, if I was wearing an LBD, I wouldn’t need much as I wouldn’t want to overdo it!
  2. Pick a few pieces, but don’t go overboard: A great rule of thumb is to choose two parts of your body to accessorize, and leave the others bare. However, rules were made to be broken, so have fun and see what works for you!
  3. Mix & match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces that are different shapes or textures.
  4. Be aware of the size of your accessories: Don’t wear a chunky bracelet and a chunky necklace at the same time, opt for one or layer finer pieces.
  5. When in doubt, layer: However, this only applies to pieces that are light and can be layered. Never layer too chunky necklaces. I love layering rings and if I am pressed for time I layer rings for a personalised look during the day!

Keep this five tips in mind next time you’re getting dressed to help you get out the door in five!!



Outfit One: Nice Martin T-shirt, Assembly Label Jeans, Thomas Sabo Earrings , Thomas Sabo Rings, Thomas Sabo Necklace,

Outfit Two: One Teaspoon T-shirt, Assembly Label Jeans, Thomas Sabo Rings, Thomas Sabo Studs, Thomas Sabo Watch

Outfit Three: One Teaspoon Denim Shorts, Thomas Sabo Necklace, Thomas Sabo Necklace, Thomas Sabo Bracelet








*advertorial – shot in collaboration with Thomas Sabo by J Darcy Hayward

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