If only I had more fingers…


Happy Monday!

Today is such yucky weather here in Sydney, so I have been glued to my computer for most of the day! I did step out for a few meetings and in that time I got completely soaked! Wet-dog chic.


Today I want to show you a little into my jewellery collection! I picked up these pieces from Thomas Sabo last week and personally, I think they are incredible! I couldn’t go past the fine rings or the earrings. I love throwing on multiple rings to inject some personality into my style. The ones I have featured today are a mixture of plain, sparkly and one of them features an eye – I love the motifs in this collection. Rings are the easiest style of jewellery for me to wear – I have never been big on multiple bracelets (read: No I never hopped on the #armparty train), but I love stacking my rings on each finger.


No Coco, I will not take one piece off before I leave the house.


Lately, you may have noticed I have been wearing statement earrings paired with casual outfits – I have been inspired by Who What Wear, yet again! All you need is: A plain tee, jeans and big earrings. Bam!


Keeping in the theme of the collection “Signs Of Love + Happiness“, I got to shoot this with Jonathan! He surprises me every time!


PS: If you want a re-fresh here is the post on the event I attended!





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