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I have never been an “it bag” kind of girl. I normally sit by the side-lines when a trend rolls through. I would usually gravitate towards something under-the-radar, instead of something mainstream. I have never thought throwing a huge logo on a bag equates to good design. I also can never justify the price tag, because, you know, some are absolutely astronomical.

If you asked any fashion-girl, what her ultimate investment piece is, however, she’ll say that it’s a designer bag – beyond question. And I would have to agree, despite this bag being my first one. It is one of the worthiest of fashion purchases as *most* hold their price, really, really well. Hell, I even saw numerous sites making a direct correlation between high-end bags and the property market; they’re both lucrative investments. Of course, the bags which find themselves in that lucrative investment index are your Chanel, Hermes and LV’s – and you need to be able to forecast what will be popular in decades to come to be able to end up getting a return eventually. Case in point the Dior Saddle Bag.

Okay, so I got a little off topic there – this article wasn’t going to be able property, bags or even investing. It was going to be able buying what you love, no matter what the label is; whether it be high-street or high-end (because I am an advocate for both). Your purchases shouldn’t be about status or buying it to show off on Instagram, because remember: there’s power in dressing for yourself and no one else.

I turn 29 this month and my new moto with clothing and bags, because I want to continue to downsize my belongings is “less, but better“, and this beauty fit that brief. Chloe, you will be with me for a long time.

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Author: Ally Carey

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