Wearing: Marcs Clothing Beaded Tank, Luck and Trouble Playsuit, Diva Necklace, Pulp Shoes

Photography: Jonathan

On tonight’s guilty pleasure television watching / wine drinking list we have “Tattoo Nightmares” – a show about stupid people who get stupid tattoos and then hate them so much they get tattoos that are way bigger. Like – way bigger. You don’t like that marijuana leaf / 420 tramp stamp you got when you were doing something that, frankly, stretches the realms of credibility? Guess what? Full back ‘Nightmare Before Xmas’ piece? Don’t like The Nightmare Before Xmas? I guess that’s your problem / a problem for another reality show. Tattoo Nightmares Nightmares? (Productions companies: hit me up via my contact page)

I live for this show. Not because I love horribly semi-scripted American reality television series but because I love to yell things at the television such as “Why would you get a tattoo of a penis on your forehead IN THE FIRST PLACE. Jeepers” – we tend to say “jeepers” quite a bit when we’re watching these shows. To be fair I haven’t actually seen a penis tattoo, but a guy tonight did have “Fuck Love” tattooed on his not so attractive stomach. So that’s something. I guess.

I’m not quite sure where the emphasis should be ie. the “F” or the “L” word. Because there’s two different interpretations of that semi-sentence that mean vastly different things.

I should probably go and cook some dinner, change out of the outfit featured and finish my wine.

Don’t forget: fuck love / fuck love.

Author: Ally Hayward

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4 thoughts on “There’s a humming in the restless summer air”

  1. My friend showed me a photo of a tattoo a girl she knows got on her thigh. Of a fox in a top hat smoking a cig. But the way it is on her leg and in most outfits what you can see the fox arm holding the cig is a penis. Like legit, the tattoo artist did the fox arm as a penis. And when she realised he’d disappeared and wasn’t contactable. So she just has a dick on her leg! pretty unfortunate haha

    You look babe’n by the way.

    As usual!!


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