The answer to one of my most asked questions.



One of my most asked questions is: What are your ab workouts? I’ve written down a few for you to screenshot on snapchat, so I thought I would share the latest one Jonathan came up with for me to complete.

Working out my abs is one of my favourite things to do. I love the feeling of a tight, sore stomach. If it doesn’t hurt, I get so annoyed!

We mixed up my usual workout lately because I had become bored and it was second nature to me. It’s so important to switch things up when it comes to exercising because a) You’ll loose motivation if you become bored and b) You may plateau and your workouts will become ineffective.


exercise ball tuck 3 x 20
alternate with box jumps 3 x 15


knees to elbows 3 x 10
pushups 3 x 10


exercise ball crunch 3 x 20
alternate with rowing 3 x 250m sprints


alternate v-up 3 x 12-15
alternate with burpees 3 x 1 minute


planks 3 x ALAP


I’ve been at Virgin Active at Pitt St for a year now and I must say, I absolute love it. I love how convenient it is and I love the time I usually go as I see all the same people. You may have seen on Instagram today I posted my box jumps – I am going to be setting some height goals this week! They usually scare me. My advice to you is try and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone every now and again! It does wonders for your confidence!

Images: By JD Hayward at Virgin Active Pitt St (Mid City)

Disclaimer: This advice is general only and does not replace the advice of your doctor, trainer or exercise physiologist.


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