You won’t believe me when I say the first thing I packed was my new Puma sportsbra and Lorna Jane shorts. You’ll be thinking “but you’re on holidays, why on earth would you do that to yourself?”.

Exercise for me is second nature. I didn’t think twice when I packed my bag and included some new gear I got a few days before departure. All I could think was “how amazing will it be to exercise in another country”. I knew our resort was located right near the beach and couldn’t wait to take advantage of that. I mean, just look at that water!

Of course staying in shape on holidays isn’t for everyone and you should of course relax and worry about shedding extra kilos after you arrive home… But if you are interested in some really easy tips that work for me, read on!

We awoke fairly early each morning because of the time difference and would go down for breakfast which was inclusive of: two meals of your choice, croissants, fruit, fresh juice, danishes, bread. So much food. Food was basically non-stop from early morning until midnight. You just can not help it on holidays, can you?

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Being on Holidays means you’re indulging in more food, alcohol and treats. My biggest advice is to be as active as you can be, so you can eat what you want because lets face it, who wants to be on a diet overseas? Also, each exercise you do needs to seamlessly fit in with your day – the less you have to think about what you’re doing the better.

For us this means taking advantage of the following things and make some small changes to the way we travel. Eg: Hire bikes or sightseeing on foot:


We went on a two and a half hour bike ride on Monday. Not only was it fantastic cardio, it was an awesome way to see small towns, local fisheries, families, shops and other sites – we would have missed out on these things if we were in a car. We failed to wear sunscreen though, which was very naughty of us. So if you do bike ride in a hot climate, please make sure you’re fully covered, because trust me, it’s not fun looking like a lobster on holidays (nor is it healthy).

sydney fashion fitness blog


There tends to be a lot of stairs at hotels, resorts etc, so bust out your gear and run up and down of a morning for fifteen minutes. Even if you didn’t pack your sneakers (like me this trip) you can still do it!

Or you could also try this out (even if you’re at home too)


Works core, back, hamstrings, inner thighs, quads, and calves
Stand a foot away from the bottom step with the left side of your body toward the staircase. Place your left foot on the second step. Raise your arms above your head and straighten your left leg, letting your right leg come off the floor so you’re balancing on your left. Hold for one count. Lower your right leg to the floor, then step down with your left. That’s one rep. Do 12 to 16 reps, then repeat to the other side.

sydney fashion fitness blog


Swimming was one of my favourite activities while we were away! We had a pool at our doorstep, so any time we came back to our villa I was straight into the pool. I didn’t do a pre-determined number of lengths in pool each morning, but I did just swim around to get my heart beating. It was a fun and leisurely!

sydney fashion fitness blog


This was one of the best days of my life! We drank coconuts and paddled around in canoes for an hour or so. We went through caves and saw the surroundings of the island. Paddling is great exercise. It provides fantastic aerobic and cardiovascular effects as well improving your upper body strength. It also fits in with your holiday plans and allows you to take advantage of your beautiful surroundings.

Remember, exercise on holidays shouldn’t take away from you having an awesome time.

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to maintain an active lifestyle on a holiday or not, I hope you have taken some key points away to be able to make smart choices for your body! Remember, exercise on holidays shouldn’t take away from you having an awesome time.


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