When I was a teenager, I didn’t quite realise the benefits of a good skin care routine. I would wash my face with a drug-store cleanser, probably a product incorrect for my combination skin type. Because cleansing is not the most exciting step in a routine, I purely thought you were cleaning your skin and removing your day’s worth of make-up and that was that. At the time, I didn’t realise that cleansers are, in fact, the key to anti-ageing, or slowing that process down.

As an adult, I now realise that cleansing is probably THE most essential part of your skin care routine. If you don’t have a proper cleanser, then leftover makeup and pollution remains on your face overnight and like I mentioned above, over time will age your skin.

If you ask any of my friends, they can tell you how religious I am when it comes to washing the day off, and lately I have been using the super light, oil based cleanser from Jurlique – it’s been a great nourishing product for me because of the constant change of weather between the cold of Thredbo and the humidity of Sydney. I have made sure I have adjusted my skincare to a product that not only deeply cleanses, but nourishes as well to help fine lines from forming, or at least slow them down a bit, because quite truthfully, no cleanser is going to be anti-ageing, it’s more they help in the process. This is something we need to factor in when climate changes between seasons or even when we move between variable weather. Dehydration from the weather and inconsistent routine will only be detrimental to your skin in the long term.


Fact: When you don’t take your makeup off or cleanse the dirt and pollution build up from the day, your skin dries out and won’t repair itself properly, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.



I’ve tried and tested a few new products on the market from Jurlique over this past month, so today is the round up and review of them. They’re key new players to get rid of all that grime, grease, and build-up.

Jurlique Oil Cleanser

Skin type(find it here): All skin types 
When my skin is feeling drier than the Sahara Desert the last thing I want is to use a cleaner which dries and tightens my skin. Unlike other oil cleansers, this turns into a cleansing milk when mixed with water, which helps to purify the skin and dissolve make-up in one step. It also boasts powerful natural-based antioxidants help protect the skin – which I am all for. No harsh chemicals!

My skin loved this, but I haven’t been too dry, even though I have been at the snow. I have been really trying to keep a good routine of masks and moisturisers, whilst here!

The key to using this kind of cleanser is to step in with a toner or essence water afterwards to remove any excess oil from your pores. I find this deeply nourishing and a great product to gently remove make-up, especially around the eyes. I think this a wonderful product for all skin types.

Jurlique Radiant Foaming Cleanser

Skin Type (find it here): All skin types
When it comes to a dual purpose formula, sign me up. Any product which helps me save time within a skincare routine has my vote. This cleanses and also has Superfine exfoliating minerals which polish your skin, for that radiant glow we’re all forever chasing! It’s perfect for a spot of daily exfoliation as it is super gentle and it also provides hydration and is all natural.

Extra points for multitasking cleansing abilities!!

Jurlique Replenishing Cleaning Lotion

Skin type (find it here): Dry & sensitive
A great product for morning or evening; and it is really nourishing for all of us with sensitive skin. It is gentle, calming and easily use with either finger-tips or a cotton pad for makeup removal. I found this really soft on my skin and calmed my redness I am prone to. My skin hasn’t been too dry lately, so I don’t know if I reaped the full benefits of this product yet.

Jurlique Revitalising Gel Cleanser

Skin type (find it here): Normal to combination
When it comes to cleansers and skin types, this one is probably the best suited to my skin type. I can get quite oily on my t-bar, but somewhat dry around my nose and lips.

I loved the gel to lather consistency of this and it was a pro at removing make-up; without being drying or giving that “overly tight” feeling to the skin afterwards.

And there you have it – a little round up of some new cleansers on the market.

What do you guys usually use? What is your favourite type of cleanser for your skin type?


In collaboration with Jurlique; all opinions and creative content is my own.

Author: Ally Carey

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