When it comes to makeup contouring I just do not have the time to dedicate my mornings to making my cheekbones look like Kim Kardashian. I’m already exhausted at the thought of applying 1000 products and blending them all in before finding the time to apply my mascara – the real hero. For the most part, makeup contouring has largely eluded me. I am all for the undone, breathable makeup look and to me it just doesn’t make sense to spend that amount of time on day makeup. But hair colour contouring? Now that caught my attention.

Hair colour contouring? Yes. But before your eyes roll back into your head, let me give you the lowdown on how it works and why I was hanging out to try it. For me, I love trying anything at least once and if it simplifies my beauty regime in anyway, I am all for it. Y’all know me by now. The anti-beauty-beauty girl. The girl who loves beauty products, but has a simple, straightforward approach.

Hair colour contouring is slightly different to balayage and regular foils. It involves strategically placing light and dark shades through your hair – essentially it hides features you dislike or accentuates something you love without actually needing to contour with makeup. This is perfect for someone like myself who, like I mentioned above, really dislikes that muddy, makeup contour look.



To experience hair contouring I visited the Wella Studios in Surry Hills and the ever amazing Marie Uva of UVA Salon, Melbourne, took care of my locks. She is the Wella Professionals ANZ Colour Creative Director and a celebrity colourist & stylist who takes care of Jesinta Franklin, Bec Judd and Jodi Gordon, so I knew I was in the best of hands. I basically said can you please make me look even 10% as good as those three.

What is really unique about the hair contouring technique is, they customise to suit each individual, as everyone’s hair, face shape and features are different. I always assumed that hair was just hair, but I learned that thickness, as in the thickness of your individual hairs plays into what a colour turns out like.

Before any colour was applied Marie assessed my skin colour, face shape and bone structure and we discussed what I loved and disliked about my current colour and features.

It was really important for me to maintain a super natural colour. After being so many varying shades in the last 18 months I really just wanted to get back to basics and experience a lived in, natural colour. We went a more golden base on the ends as Marie said this suited my skin colour a lot more. Marie used two shades of blonde – a warmer base and then a lighter shade to add dimension. On the roots we went a shade lighter than my natural shade.

Normally my hair takes so long to develop and colour (roughly 6 hours) so I was amazed that I was in and out of the salon in 3 hours. I waited roughly half an hour before the colour was washed out, a treatment applied and my hair was styled into undone, textured waves.




These three side-by-side shots are before. The aim was to enhance this and keep it natural, while bringing out my features and adjusting the colour to suit my skin-tone more.



When Marie was styling my hair I said “You know when you look on Pinterest and wish you had Pinterest hair? I feel like I finally have Pinterest hair”. But it’s true – I loved how seamlessly the contour highlights blended with the darker shade and so many people have commented how much they love the colour. It’s that colour I always knew I wanted and it wasn’t a huge time investment to achieve it. It was also a colour that I didn’t know how to ask for. I would never have imagined golden tones were better for my skin and I would never have known what makes my eyes pop.

I couldn’t tell whether my cheekbones were more prominent – that’s up for debate. I noticed instantly that the golden shades suited my skin and my eyes popped because of this. I have really dark, almost black eyes so it takes a lot to make them pop. The golden shades brought out the orange, golden tones in my eyes. Which I love! This is one of the reasons why I tend to stick with bronze, golden shades when it comes to makeup, so it all makes perfect sense to me now.

I would definitely recommend trying the Wella Colour Contouring technique if you’re looking for a personalised and more subtle change to your hair colour.

To find a Wella Salon near you, visit www.wella.com


What do you think? Would you give hair colour contouring a go?

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Author: Ally Carey

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