Maurie and Eve – you are miracle workers.


When I was in high school and I learned about Berlin and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, I never dreamed that one day I would be standing right there before a section of it. It is so incredible to think that it famously rose in a single night – even though it actually took much longer to build completely and also saw several updates and revisions over the years. It’s so fascinating to think a wall stretched 140 kilometers and separated a country into two sections – it’s something I just can’t quite fathom. When I am travelling I love trying to place myself and imagine myself in that time and place in history.

When we were in Germany we kept thinking about how great it is that Berlin and Germany has arisen out of their extremely rocky past and they have worked so hard to recreate itself. It truly is a remarkable City/Country. If you haven’t already been, please do yourself a favour and go!




Berlin’s dramatic history is ever-present throughout the city and when I am travelling I really like to see every little section of the history – after all what’s the point in going to that country if you’re not experiencing it as a whole?

This day (images in this post) was the very final day we spent in Berlin. There were three things I really wanted to check off my list before we flew out – I couldn’t leave without knowing I had been to Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial and the former wall – no matter how sobering it was. I am really glad we went to all three – it was an eye opening experience and really put into play all those history lesson in 2006/2007.


I recently got this amazing Maurie and Eve dress from Style Milk Shop! I love supporting this amazing store as it is two Australian girls running it on their own! They do such a great job – they recently just reached 20K on Instagram and 30K on Facebook! They work so hard and market themselves so well!

This Maurie dress is a great every day dress for this Summer, of which you will see me wearing a lot – maybe I will even wash it on the odd occasion. It also happens to look great dressed up (LIKE OMG). I guess I should tell you to wear it with heels for a nighttime look, but I am going to assess this sentence and note that you’re probably the kind of gal that knows this already.

What I am wearing: Maurie and Eve from Style Milk Shop, Cheap Monday, Le Specs Glasses, Birkenstock Shoes, Madewell Bag.

I would love to hear from you! Have you got any amazing online stores you’ve been buying from? Have you been to Germany or Berlin? Let me know in the comment section below.

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