Today is not a tutorial or step-by-step guide; it’s just the products I love to use in summer as stand alone products and also together.


I have read so many articles that claim to be a minimalist step-by-step guide, only to then go on to have a list as long as my forearm. Today is not a tutorial or step-by-step guide; it’s just the products I love to use in summer as stand alone products and also together.

Isn’t it funny how many steps it actually takes to complete a natural look? I am the first to admit my usual “minimal make-up” look includes many steps. From prepping and priming to working the foundation into my skin, to then using the *right* amount of eye shadow and mascara to create a basic and undone look, instead of an over the top look.  In Summer though, I really couldn’t be effed to slather on a bunch of products, only to have them running down my face by lunch time, like I am the Wicked Witch of the West. For my own benefit and yours, I have summarised it in only nine basics for summer. They’re the Crème de la crème…and I definitely can not live without them.

  1. Suncreen: It has taken me a while to find a daily face sunscreen that feels great to wear every day under your makeup or on its own. I love this one by Clarins . I also love the Mecca branded one (which I am now out of!). I used to hate wearing sunscreen on my face as it left me looking like an oil rig, but now I love wearing it. Also; when it comes to sunscreen, look for a blend of physical and chemical ingredients (physical screen deflects the rays, and a chemical screen absorbs the extra UV rays) and always choose a broad spectrum.
  2. Mineral foundation: Because I could never pull off the natural, I-just-woke-up-like-this look, I still need coverage. I only picked this up this one by Nude By Nature last week, so I am still trialing it, but so far it seems breathable, natural. I would say the best thing so far is the fact it absorbs excess oil and is super lightweight. I get a little scared using powdered foundation as sometimes they can leave you a little chalky or with a dull look to the skin. This one however paired with a primer and highlighter is really nice. No chalk here.
  3. Mascara: I could never part with mascara. The one I took overseas is finally dried up, so I replaced it with this new MAC Mascara.
  4. Bronzer: Loving being browner lately! I have been using this MAC Bronzer over the high points of the face: forehead, chin, bridge of the nose and cheeks.
  5. Concealer: This little wand is a miracle – there are plenty of dupes for this, but it’s always nice investing in this one. It lasts forever! I swipe this under my eyes, because: bags.
  6. Fixing spray: I never really understood the hype with fixing sprays – I mean, they literally seamed like they were a spray bottle filled with nice smelling water. I however, have come around and like to spray my make up when I am finished, especially in summer! I love using the Mecca branded one – it takes the edge off the ‘powdered look’. I just remember what all my friends and I would do to fix our make up in high school – hair spray. Hair spraying and ironing your hair – what a good look. #sarcasm
  7. Eyebrow gel: I am still using the Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow gel in Cara. It works so well! I love the size of the brush.
  8. Lip oil: I got this one just before the USA. I can’t tell you now nourishing it is. I loved it for the plane as it was a lot more moisturising because it’s an oil. I wear this in the mornings – if I know I am going outside I try not to wear this, even though it is my absolute favourite. Anything shiny absorbs and reflects sunlight and will increase your risk of a burning, so use a wax-based balm instead as it will stay put. I use the Clarins lip oil.
  9. Primer: I use a variety of primers, but I thought because I have been using the Nude By Nature mineral foundation I would use their primer as well. It smooths my skin and minimises pores!

Oh and I forgot to write a nice peach, light orange coloured lipstick. So I guess that brings me to 10 products that I used on repeat.

ft: Zoeva make up brushes. Links to all products below.



My December favourites so far. The Crème de la crème




What are your Summer must haves?



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