I’ve been a little absent and this is why…




Welcome to our new home. Please take your shoes off and enjoy the view.

It is a cute renovated beach cottage right on a cliff. Yes, our backyard backs directly on to a cliff. The image of the house is the back view. It’s so exciting living here and waking up to this view.

Sorry it’s been a little quiet around these parts, but sometimes life calls. I have started to unpack (i.e find clothes) now so I can finally start back at showing you some outfit posts and other fun projects I have coming up!


Author: Ally Carey

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7 thoughts on “The New House”

    1. Our second night there was one and I woke up FREAKING out as the wind was so loud! Can’t wait to see an electrical storm and also the whales!

  1. Awesome! Looks like a sweet place. Man, I sure do miss Sydney sometimes. It’s still so weird to me that you guys are just finishing Summer, and I’m still waiting out Winter. ha.

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