My tried and tested, fail safe favourites for September; the ones I just can’t leave the house without, even for an overnight stay.




On Wednesday evening I stayed in the City for the night with my friend Harri. When I was packing my bags I had very minimal space; I don’t know what brand of bag Mary Poppins has but it definitely isn’t the brand of my tote. Once my clothes, spare pair of shoes and makeup were packed I felt like I had also packed a 1okg metal plate.

When it came to packing my makeup, I really had to strip back my collection. I think when you strip back your collection for an overnight stay, it is a true testament to the items you love. They’re reliable and you know you can create a seamless look with them. I guess in a way, they’re the makeup equivalent to an LBD.

As I am currently living out of a suitcase (house sitting) I really didn’t want to lug around everything that was in my makeup bag. That’s one thing that sucks about house sitting; you don’t have the luxury to leave things in the bathroom drawer.

I wanted to get my makeup bag down to just the key products: mascara, eyebrow pencil, foundation, bronzer, a trusty palette and highlighter. In lieu of moisturiser I opted for the Mac strobe cream and put it on the high points of my face; cheeks and above my brows. I also love this down the centre of my nose and cupid bow. I have been applying this every day before foundation lately as it makes my skin appear sooo dewy.

Next up, brows. I packed a chubby pencil as it’s the easiest one to use when you’re in a rush and want a natural, full brow look. After having used the Anastasia Beverly Hills fine pencil for the past year, it does take some getting used to. When I am not using the MAC brow pencil I am still using the Benefit Brow Brow Zing or Ka Brow. #lovemesomebigbrows

On my eyes I love browns and golden hues lately so have been reaching for the Amber Times Nine palette from MAC. It’s so simple to use – pick three shades to work with and blend with a petite crease brush and blending brush. I have a couple of brush sets; but lately I have been using the Zoeva set I bought last year (still eyeing off that rose gold collection!!).

On my lips ( not featured because it was just floating in my handbag) was just a simple lipgloss. The night before I wore Velvet Teddy.



To make it easier for you, here is what I am loving.


(Nordstrom is for my international readers & David Jones is for my Australian readers)


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