There is one thing I love to buy regularly and that’s lingerie. The way I see it is, you wear lingerie everyday, so why not?

It’s funny how over the decades women’s attitude towards lingerie has changed dramatically. Lingerie in our mother’s era used to be this private thing, hidden and only brought out on special occasions. But now it’s celebrated; it’s so beautiful and it should be seen daily.



Bras, just like ready-to-wear fashion have evolving trends, however, with saying that, every girl still needs some staples.

Any wardrobe should ideally have:

  1. T-shirt bra
  2. Sports bra
  3. Strapless
  4. Push-up bra ( tucked away ready to be used as your secret weapon)
  5. Multiple lacy bras
  6. Bralette (LOVE!!)

Your lingerie plays such an important role in how your entire outfit and each bra adds a different / extra layer of femininity overall. I love that a hint of lace is now seen as an extension of your personal style instead of being “racey”. One of my go-to outfits is a lace triangle bra peeking through under a shirt, paired with denim – channeling the chic of the French Riviera.

I have round up some of my favourites from Maidenform today – be sure to check them out. They’re true to size (I am a 10D) and I love that they’re so supportive with no underwire. I haven’t worn underwire in about three years (see trends change!!).

Lastly, I thought I would leave you with some do’s and don’t when buying new bras!



  1. Invest in great-fitting, great-looking sets
  2. Have a bra for every outfit: a T-shirt bra, a plunge bra, and definitely an unlined lace demi
  3. Get fitted by an expert. This is so important!
  4. Buy breathable fabrics
  5. Look for and buy high quality fabrics
  6. Put in a delicates bag or hand


  1. Do not put bras in the drier
  2. Do not worry about the size, just make sure it fits properly
  3. Do not get fitted when you’re bloated or hormonal!



Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 1.31.13 pm




In collaboration with Maidenform (@maidenform_australia)

Shot by Arianne Witt of Lola Jaggar


Author: Ally Carey

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