While shooting today a lady said “bad day for it, eh?”. I just smiled and kind of said “yeah…”, but I trailed off mid-sentence as I didn’t know what she meant. She literally could have meant anything, but I was having too much fun to care. I’m oblivious to onlookers now. Initially I would get nervous and get Jonathan to stop taking photos, but now I just continue. Gotta get shit done, huh!?

sydney fashion

sydney fashion

Yesterday I mentioned Monday was such a good day because it allowed me to get a start on the week! But then Tuesday came and had me so busy I barely had time to each lunch. Today I was busy uploading stock for an online store I manage, uploaded a new blog post to MidCity’s Style Space blog, shot this outfit and liaised for a shoot we are shooting over two days next week! I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I love my job(s), they’re very fulfilling.

I am off to Melbourne (again) next week as well, which is super exciting. I was only there three weeks ago, but I am heading there for work and I get to take Jonathan this time around.

sydney fashion

I am already wondering what to pack for Melbourne – procrastination at it’s finest. When I was there three weeks ago I lucked into some amazing weather, but I bet this time around my ass will freeze right off. I definitely won’t be getting away with bare legs that’s for damn sure…

sydney fashion

I am enjoying wearing a softer palette lately. I am more about the soft textures than patterned. It’s only a phase I am sure, but a welcomed phase at that.

Pairing this dropped waist dress from MLM back with a classic trench coat by Miss Guided and man style brogues is the perfect androgynous look for a mild winter’s day. It is a great smart casual style that you can wear to meetings without being over the top or too relaxed.

In other news Jonathan, my fiance just re-designed MLM’s site (the dress that I am wearing is by MLM), it is so fresh and beautiful and I am so proud of him. He is such a talented creative and I am so lucky to work alongside him most days! Be sure to check out the latest collection and Jonathan’s work!

sydney fashion


MLM Label Dress, Missguided Trench, Luck And Trouble Bag, Witchery Beanie, Bared Footwear shoes

Photography: Jonathan

Typography: Substance

sydney fashion

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