Buddying up has been shown to boost exercise motivation by up to 100 percent. That may seem like a massive percentage or even an exaggerated one, but trust me, I’ve done both and working out with Jonathan is what gets me out the door of an afternoon. If it was left solely up to me,  I’d probably be sitting on the couch eating cake (read: the a whole cake).


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Outfit: Finders Keepers Fit Leggings and Jacket, Cotton On Sports Bra, Nike Sneaker




I love working out together, but I sometimes find working out as a team can sometimes fall flat. I find you have to mix it up even more so than solo workouts because you’re partnered up doing the same routines, and that can get quite boring. The good thing about mixing up the script is there are so many tandem workouts / exercises out there – think boxing, partner push-ups and wheelbarrow push-up + squats. There really is no limitations!

Our latest couple training is taking cues from The Commando himself . I stumbled across his workout plan recently after Googling his bangin’ girlfriend Michelle Bridges. Man, have you seen her abs? I signed up to complete Commando Steve’s new 13 week ‘Get Active’ workout plan. It’s a plan which offers workout videos, weekly meal plans, nutrition advice & recipes. Jonathan and I are going to do it together and it’s going to be a whole new level of fun and probably A LOT of sweat, because I signed up for the intermediate level. I was feeeeling confident apparently!! Ha.



I thought I would share this with you as it goes hand in hand with my philosophy of health and fitness – it’s great for everyone – whether you’re looking to stay fit, lose weight, build strength or lead a healthier lifestyle. If you’re trying to make any of these changes, this might be the thing you have been looking for – that little nudge to get you heading down the right path. Psst: you don’t even need any equipment which is the great thing! I think it would be perfect for you if you work long hours, travel a lot or just simply have a busy schedule but still want to live a healthy lifestyle. Working long hours is one of the reasons why I signed up – I have been finding it hard to allocate time to working out, so I needed some fresh inspiration!

If you’re interested, I’ll pop the link below for you to check it all out (I think tomorrow is the last day to sign up). There are different levels, so I hope you find the right one just for you!

No matter how you’re going about how you work out, grab your girl or guy and tell them “you’re working out with me from now on!!”.

Get Active here

*this is NOT a sponsored post, I just thought I would share some fresh inspo for you!


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