I am going to let you in on a little secret – it’s where JD and I love to swim in Thailand because it’s secluded and it isn’t saturated by tourists.

Our first trip to Thailand last year had us so amazed so when we learned we were returning two weeks ago, we could not have been any more excited.  We eagerly packed our bags and waited patiently by the front door for three weeks until we could leave for the airport / clear customs and hop on that plane en route to Phuket.

We hate tourist areas – big crowds frighten me and take me way out of my comfort zone, so when we travel we like to get out of those areas and find little oasis’ that don’t have the population of Australia swimming / eating /enjoying themselves there. I like experiencing a country for what it is and what it has to offer and you usually find that away from the heavily marketed places.

This little slice of heaven is in Phang Nga – not too far of a drive from Phuket airport (roughly 40 minutes). It’s so beautiful there and you really see how the locals live. The middle shot of this post (the one with my big cheesy grin) shows you a little beach shack (and there was about 7 all within the space of 10 metres).

Any chance we got we went swimming – the water is just so warm in Thailand (it’s like a lukewarm bath). I took so many bikinis over, at last count I think it was 10. Tiger Lily Swimwear, Triangl Swimwear, Iya Swimwear.. It truly was a classic case of A Bikini A Day!

So, if you head to Thailand be sure to check out this beach, it truly is a beauty.


Bikini from a little Thailand Market & Hat from Byron Bay Hat Shop.





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