I’m about to take you on a virtual journey, so get comfy and prepared to be mesmerized by Thailand in all its glory.

We set off on our very first overseas adventure last week. Yes, our first! Can you believe I have never been overseas before now? I have obviously always dreamed of it, but we have just never made the plans to before now. I guess with spending the majority of our holidays visiting family while we lived interstate never left us with a great deal of time in-between work schedules and various other things which we call life.

I feel so incredibly lucky to say I have experienced traveling abroad and can see why people catch the traveling bug. It is hugely addictive experiencing new cultures and seeing how other people live their lives. So often we get caught in a bubble and forget there is so much more out there.


You may remember I was lucky enough (alongside Jonathan) to win this trip thanks to Wish. We won a style challenge late last year (see my entry here). The planets finally aligned and we found the time to take it!

I wasn’t sure what to expect given it was my first big traveling experience. I won’t lie to you, I have been a little nervous with the lead up. Asking everyone I know for advice – probably to the point where they now never want to speak to me again. “Ally, go away, you ask stupid questions, all the goddamn time”. Also: with Australian media saturating every channel with news about the unrest, left me wishing for better timing. It turns out everything was fine where we were staying / visiting, which I suspected anyway.

thailand blog trip

1. We went on an Elephant trek through the jungle. This was both a thrilling, terrifying experience. For the first 15 minutes I was worried I was going to need new shorts, if ya know what I mean. Jonathan being the wise guy that he (thinks) he is made some funny jokes like “Don’t worry, you have a seat belt on”. The so-called belt was a piece of rope about 3mm thick. I thought I would win this amazing animal over by excessively feeding him bananas, but then I ran out mid way through out trek, which lead to even more stressing from me. He was on a diet well over 50 bananas a day – so he definitely put all those girls following that diet to shame.

thailand blog trip

2. Canoeing around was one of the best experiences of my life and a great way to calm the eff down after that damn elephant ride. The water was so warm and green! I can say with complete enthusiasm I have successfully canoed into a cave while drinking a fresh coconut. How amazing is that?

thailand blog trip

3. One of the best things about Thailand is the selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and other produce. Within a 5KM radius you are bound to hit on 30 stalls. It’s great to support the local farmers who rely on these sales. I lost count of the number of coconuts I drank. I wish you could buy these guys for 30THB here in Australia, instead of the bottle or can we’re left with at triple the price.

thailand blog trip

4. We were lucky to stay at Aleenta Resort. Easily the nicest place we have ever stayed, and believe me it has some contenders! We stayed in a loft style villa, equipped with a pool, spa, sun deck and one helluva view. Each morning we had an amazing breakfast at one of the resorts restaurant. I am actually craving their fresh guava and fresh mango juice as we speak. *wipes excessive drool*. It shouldn’t be legal to serve something so delicious. The photo above shows just how spectacular Aleenta Resort is.

thailand blog trip

4. One of the many Thai dishes we were spoiled with while being in Phuket. Each day we experienced different Thai dishes. This was one of the meals from The Edge at Aleenta, where as all our other meals where from small remote provinces. We wanted to dive head first into the food, of course not literally, but I happily would have if given half the chance. Thai food is up there with my favourite cuisines. A close second Mexican.

thailand blog trip

5. We visited James Bond Island on Day 2 where I nearly wanted to kill myself as it was just crawling with tourists. For me, I would rather discover the unknown instead of a place where every man in his tight DT’s is flexing while taking photos by a sign. James Bond Island is absolutely stunning and I can see why it is huge on the tourist spectrum.

thailand blog trip

6. Another shot of me and an Elephant. I don’t know what we took more of: Me and an Elephant OR me in a bikini by the pool / beach. It would be a very close tie.

thailand blog trip

7. I’m not normally a big drinker. Normally I get quadruple parked, however these Piña Coladas changed the game. “and keep them coming, please”. In such a hot climate, there is something so refreshing about something so sweet. I also had my first beer while over there! Ha.

thailand blog trip

8. This is the view from our room! So incredible. We are already planning our next trip over as we still have so much to explore!

Stay tuned for more images and stories!

Author: Ally Carey

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5 thoughts on “My First Overseas Trip: Part One”

  1. Isn’t thailand amazing? I think it is still my favourite overseas destination. I really want to go back again. agh I wish I tried the coconuts while there. I have to go again.

  2. Hello! I’m heading to Thailand in 3 weeks. Are you able to tell me where you went canoeing and what company you used for the Elephant treks and which tour you recommend for the trek (3 hr, 1 hr, full-day etc) Thank you so much! Any other tips would be greatly appreciated x

    1. We were down in Phuket and because I went there with WISH, the hotel we were staying with took up to where the canoeing was – it’s near James Bond Island. It was incredible.

      As for Elephant Treking – I am not sure where exactly this was sorry (again, was organised by the hotel). I’m not sure If I would do it again as it’s pretty unregulated in this part of Thailand. Apparently up North in Chiang Mai etc it’s much nicer for the Elephants.

      There are so many of both of these things – but I would definitely recommend going canoeing – so relaxing.

      Have a great trip!

  3. Hi Ally, we are staying at the aleenta in june and the hotel is offering a temple/elephant trek experience and I was wondering if you did this particular excursion and if so, you felt it was a human experience for the elephants. we really want to see the temples but am cautious about any elephant excursions

    1. Hi Jessie. I was a little oblivious before I went to Thailand as it was my very first overseas trip. I kind of just went along with what the resort told us to do. The place where we did the Elephant trek seemed okay, but I didn’t do any research at the time. I posted a pic on Instagram around the time this blog post was published and a follower/reader helped bring to light the conditions that a lot of these places have. I then researched Elephant treks and I wouldn’t ever do them again based on what I no now. If I did I would make sure I had extensively researched where I was going. Apparently the northern parts of Thailand have really great places and the south not so much. I’m not sure if this has helped or not! X

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